Wish upon a star…then plan the trip

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. Eleanor Roosevelt

I am sitting in my dining room. There is a log in the fire, and the Christmas lights are on. I have a cup of tea in a pretty porcelain mug. It’s later in the evening, the dog is sleeping near the hot . . . → Read More: Wish upon a star…then plan the trip

On the benefits of lullabies

I never started from ideas but always from character. Ivan Turgenev

I am a character driven writer. I am a character driven reader, in fact. While I appreciate a good plot as much as the next person, and get a thrill from a great plot twist, what keeps me turning pages (usually) is what is happening with the . . . → Read More: On the benefits of lullabies

The neverending chapter one

You need more than a beginning if you’re going to start a book. If all you have is a beginning, then once you’ve written that beginning, you have nowhere to go. Neil Gaiman

Soooo…in my mind’s eye, I would be writing the first few chapters of No Prince Charming with wild abandon, because it’s always easier to . . . → Read More: The neverending chapter one

Ready, set….go?

If you haven’t got an idea, start a story anyway. You can always throw it away, and maybe by the time you get to the fourth page you will have an idea, and you’ll only have to throw away the first three pages. William Campbell Gault

Somewhere in the middle of last week I made a grand . . . → Read More: Ready, set….go?

No Prince Charming

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