Michelle Helliwell

Prepare to be enchanted...

No Place for a Lady

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 Can a Viscount’s daughter convince a dashing gamekeeper to let down his guard?


An Enchanted Tales Novella…

Lady Sara Whitmore is destined to be the bride of a rich, powerful man, worthy of her family’s impeccable connections and flawless lineage. So she shouldn’t be at all distracted by her estate’s fetching assistant gamekeeper…a man who’s everything her intended is not—kind, honorable, and commonly born. But when Harry Boxford is arrested for intervening on her behalf, Sara feels obligated to help him, even if it means tossing aside everyone’s expectations of what it is a well born lady should do.

Harry Boxford knew Lady Sara was trouble from the moment he’d laid eyes on her. He should have kept on walking and left the nobility to their own troubles, instead of getting himself right in the middle of them, but he couldn’t help but protect the beautiful Sara from the blackguard her family has tied her to. Now imprisoned and awaiting an aristocrat’s justice, his chances at a new start—and possibly his life—are all but ended. Until Sara calls to him at his window with a tantalizing offer. One he cannot possibly accept.

She’s a Viscount’s Daughter. He’s the son of a blacksmith. But the more time Sara spends with Harry, the more certain she is that her heart can only be safe with him. Can Sara convince the dashing gamekeeper to let down his guard and accept her into his heart?