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August creates as she slumbers, replete and satisfied.
— Joseph Wood Krutch
Thistle and Goldenrod - August's calling card.

Thistle and Goldenrod - August's calling card.

August has arrived. In one sense, it means our all too short summer is half over. If the calendar wasn't enough of a reminder, I was in a store the other day looking for one of those long handled lighters you use for lighting camp stoves. They were being pushed aside to make way for autumn wreathes (which, despite my love for that season, made me grumpy). 

However, I am also of the belief that with August comes the beginning of The Glorious Season in my part of the world. The gardens are getting lush (after a dismal start), all the leaves are out, it is honest to goodness hot (at least, Nova Scotia hot), and with the notable exception of the odd tropical storm that may come our way, the weather is spectacular. Blue skies, green leaves which will start changing hues in another month. If our winters can be a cold, slushy, snowy mess, and springs are a slightly less slushy mess, then the reward we get for our patience is this time of year. August-October is our glorious time. 

I was out picking blueberries today with one of my kids, then popped into a nearby lake for a quick dip in the clothes we had on our backs. The water was warm, there was a stiff breeze out of the south, and I couldn't help but feel, for today anyway, that all was right with the world. 

No Prince Charming is set in this time of year, purely, I will admit, for some very pragmatic plot reasons. And while the weather in the Lake District of England (where this book is largely set) is not identical to where I am, it is nice as a writer to experience a season as I'm writing it. Season and weather always looms large in my mind when I'm writing, because I think as a person, the impact these elements have on my daily routine, what I eat, what I wear, how I organize myself and my mood cannot be underestimated. Seasons impact on my characters' lives as well, especially in the days before central heating, indoor plumbing, and food supply chains. 

What's your favourite time of the year...or do you have one? Can you find glory in anytime of year?