Rethinking the “Dreaded” Synopsis

Writing makes a map, and there is something about a journey that begs to have its passage marked.  Christina Baldwin

A few weeks back, while I was sitting around the campfire in PEI, my mother pocket dialed me. This is significant only because when I am camping, I am not in the habit of being on my . . . → Read More: Rethinking the “Dreaded” Synopsis

Can I tell you a story? With practice, yes

Within the oftentimes bombastic and truculent appearance that I present to the world, trembles a heart shy as a wren in the hedgerow or a mouse along the wainscoting. George Moore

I am fresh back from a week of camping in the beautiful neighbouring provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. I’ve piled the clothes to be washed, . . . → Read More: Can I tell you a story? With practice, yes

No Prince Charming

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