Mid-summer laundry list

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. – Sam Keen

It’s a hot one outside, after a rather chilly day yesterday (with one wicked thunderstorm in the middle, at least in western Queens County, Nova Scotia). This post is late because I’m back from another weekend camping trip – this time to the amazing Thomas Raddall provincial park at Port Joli.

I feel like mid-summer is approaching – scary since it feels like summer just started – but as hodge-podge season starts and the first of the corn is coming soon (I am one of those people that marks the year by what I am likely to find on my plate) I find myself starting to get to my own “end of year” restlessness of wanting to get things done. My birthday is at the end of August, and so my theory is that I start to want to get ready for a new start. I’m a list maker by nature, and here are some upcoming to-do’s that need to get done.

  1. Finish putting together the summer edition of Lovelights. I’m editor of RWAC’s newsletter, which goes out quarterly.
  2. Finish the edit of Beauty. This is huge, I realize. Even as I write it, I’m getting this kind of scared, sick feeling in my belly. But I haven’t been in my normal writing mode for the past week, and I have really gotten my act together with opening chapters, so I have accomplished a lot. I just have so much more to do. Besides, I want to start writing my next book in September.
  3. Preserve. Zucchini relish, blueberry jam, chutney of some kind. When I was doing my master’s thesis I made jam as a sort of therapy, because when you are doing something as long and cerebral as writing, it’s nice to be able to chop, boil and boil some more until you have a jar of something tangible you can put on your shelf.
  4. Spend a day at beautiful Prescott House Museum with writer Donna Alward and talk about writing (and do a little ourselves). Donna and I are doing a one day workshop on Finding your muse, and I can’t think of a better place to do that than in the beautiful Annapolis Valley in the summer.  If you’re interested, you can find out more here. Love to see you there!
  5. Find some good books and read. I feel like I’m in a bit of a reading funk right now, I can’t find anything that I can really get into. That may speak to my frame of mind more than the books. Maybe some nice magazines will do. I may have to dig out my old Victoria magazines…

That’s my little summer to-do list. Anything on yours?

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  • Luanna

    I’d be interested to hear what you put in your blueberry jam. My Grammy Stewart used to make the most delicious blueberry jam with lots of lemon flavour. I really should get the recipe from my aunt and try it myself.

    I have no official to-do list. I’ll learn the release date for my next novella from TWRP soon, and then I’ll have to think about marketing. ugh. I”m also about halfway through a romantic suspense. Next month our local RWA chapter (MaineRWA) will have it’s annual Camp Brainstorming (for members only), during which I’ll brainstorm my next historical, set in the late Victorian era.

    Other than that, just try to find ways to stay cool. This heat is ridiculous!

    • Michelle Helliwell

      Blueberry jam I have yet to conquer – but I use alot of recipes out of the “Put a lid on it” series and they are good. The Apple-cranberry chutney recipe out of there is easy and oh so good…

      I love those brainstorming sessions! We do them at our RWAC fall retreats and they are wonderful. Have fun with it!

  • Good luck with your “To Do” list, Michelle :)

    I, too, always feel that the end of summer marks the end of a year, the beginning of a new one – must be left over from when I was a teacher. But even the changing of seasons makes me think of new beginnings.

    Nothing big on my “To Do” list other than a 10K run in Cherry Hill at the end of July. Also going to hear Margaret Atwood speak at the Port Medway Reading Festival in August. I just might decide to come over to the valley for the one day workshop – goodness knows I’ve lost my muse and would love to find her again ;)

    Have a great week – and stay cool.

    • Michelle Helliwell

      I’ve been keeping track of your running endeavours Janet – that’s on my to do list as well (although at the rate I am going it will be a fall item on my to do list!).

      Hope you can make it over to Valley – and if not, hey, I think seeing Margaret Atwood is a nice way to spend a couple of days:)

      • Good luck with the running, Michelle – I know I’m really enjoying it (although some days I would rather not get out there, I always feel better after I’ve logged my miles :)

  • Tip of the hat on the workshop you’re doing – that’s awesome!

    And thanks for the hodge-podge recipe – I may actually give that one a go.

    To-do list for the rest of the summer…? Write the book I pitched at the conference. Okay, so it’s in a sort-of form. Not the vampire one, the adult Scorpius one. But it needs reworking. So I’m deep into it.

    And a little gardening, too – gotta garden.

    • Michelle Helliwell

      You have a busy summer Julia! The hodge podge recipe is a good one (I add ham to mine).

      Hope you are able to get your scorpius book working but I really can’t wait to see that vampire book in it’s finished form. You’ve got a great story there.

      Gardening? I gotta garden, but I need some serious help there. Very. Serious. Help. ;)

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