Michelle Helliwell

Fairy Tale Inspired Historical Romance

About Enchanted Tales...

Historical romance with a touch of pixie dust

Enchanted Tales are a series of historical romances set in England in the late Georgian period (1790-1796) and take the reader into a world where a brilliant bookworm can find happiness, want-to-be princess discovers she's worthy of more than finery, and a red-caped beauty can find the devotion she deserves. As of this writing, there are three books in the series, and a fourth and final book, Nothing Magical about Midnight, to be released in 2018.

Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella are the folklore inspiration for this series. I've been reading fairy tales since I was little, but when I received an old copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales as a teenager, I was hooked on the real thing. The themes in fairy tales are, I feel, elemental and transcultural, and it's that thread through time and space that makes them so appealing to creators. There is never a single way to handle a fairy tale retelling!